JSWerry Bookkeeping Services - Small Business Bookkeeping / Personal Tax Returns with E-File

"Jen, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you again for meeting with me today. I have met with a couple other bookkeepers over the past month, and I have to say, you have lived up to the recommendations people have given me, and I can tell it will be a pleasure working with you. 

Many people in business gain or lose customers due to reasons they never hear about, or bother finding out... so I wanted to make sure you knew exactly what set you apart from everyone else I met. 

You got EXCITED about MY Business! My business is very important to me, and your genuine reactions to my ideas, and the potential this business has, matched my own enthusiasm. 

Thank you again! And I'll gather up the rest of the info and I will be in touch!"

- Henry Duthler, HMDI Services
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